At Sant Twa Ti Flè (STTF), our program operating site in Fort-Royal, Petit-Goave, the children proudly learn to read and write in Haitian-Creole. They learn to perform basic operations, manipulate ideas, and think creatively in their home language. It’s a place where they enjoy an atmosphere of acceptance, and where children are truly valued and celebrated for who they are.


STTF is located in the rural community of Fort-Royal about 50 miles away from Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti . The school now serves more than 275 preschoolers and elementary students on a yearly basis.



After they acquire the fundamentals of academic preparation in Haitian-Creole, French is introduced as a second language. The STTF graduates transition successfully to schools in the nearby city, Petit-Goave, and other localities where instruction follows the traditional model which is delivered mainly in French, especially at the secondary level.

At STTF, enrollment is free of cost for all students. The school operates year round.  Any child living in Fort Royal are entitled to the free summer program and to participate in daily academic, cultural and recreational activities.   Many former students return during the summer to assist and participate in the life of the center, which they call home.


The school is available for youth tutoring program, adult literacy and vocational programs. The school yard is used as a soccer field by young adults and children.