The Sant Twa Ti Flè Early Childhood Program


The Sant Twa Ti Flè Early Childhood Program currently serves 75 three to five year olds children. It is the first and only early childhood program in the Fort-Royal region. Its goal is to expose the young children to early literacy and offer them an atmosphere that is fun and stimulating. The program aims to provide the children with ample opportunities to talk and be listened to, to read and be read to, to sing and be sung to, and to explore their environment and be stimulated.

Several years ago, the TLFC team witnessed that on market days, the Fort-Royal villagers take their crops to the local market to sell. It is also the day when they buy the necessary produce and goods for their homes. Younger children are usually left in the care of older ones. Subsequently, some older children missed school, while others opted to bring their younger siblings to school with them. For both practical and pedagogical reasons, the TLFC team decided to invest in an early education. This important decision is supported by research showing that early education results in lasting effects on learning, motivation, and success in higher education. 

Developmentally appropriate materials, manipulatives, resources  and furniture are provided. Following the initial staff training in 2010, the TLFC team continues to provide essential training for the staff during TLFC team visits as well as offer weekly monitoring & professional development opportunities by our local Curriculum Support Liaison.

Primary and Elementary Students

Approximately 200 hundred students attend STTF at the elementary level. Some of them travel long distance to come to school: from the top of the hills on one side, to the sea coastlines on the opposite. They usually walk barefoot as a means of preserving their shoes clean from mud when it rains, so they could last longer. Customarily, they wash their feet at a spring near the school before entering the school yard.

Some of the older students assist their parents in the fields, and tend to the farm animals early in the morning prior to reporting to school. However, school remains a valuable place that most of these children look forward to come to daily to discover the academic world.

Like all children around the world, they have all kinds of beautiful dreams that they wish to achieve.