The staff at Sant Twa Ti Flè are provided ongoing support and assistance by the School Director, local Curriculum Support Liaison, Academic Advisor and 3LFC members.

The Director is available daily to visit classrooms and assist staff and meets with parents when needed .  The local Curriculum Support Liaison and Academic Advisor visit the school bi- weekly or as needed to visit classrooms, model lessons and hold individual and group professional development.  They also provide assistance in interpreting and developing lessons as required by Education National, Haiti’s education department, as well as offer updates on curriculum issues, materials and resources in Haiti.

The 3LFC members schedule visits to Sant Twa Ti Flè every year. Our traveling members; US certified teachers, school psychologist and administrators prepare needed professional development for the staff. During these visits, members conduct classroom observations, model lessons and provide training for the staff. Professional Development trainings include developing lesson plans, effective early childhood strategies, using classroom manipulatives, classroom management and building a collaborative community of learners. We also assess students’ academic performance in order to measure their progress.

The 3LFC visiting members team up with the Director, local Curriculum Support Liaison and Academic Advisor to hold staff