Dr. Yves Dejean born in Haiti in 1927 is the founder of Sant Twa Ti Flè in 1987. Dr. Dejean has written numerous books and articles especially on linguistics, alphabetization, and the state of the Creole language in Haiti. From 1974 to 1986, he taught in the fields of linguistics and education in a number of American Universities. Fully retired from teaching, and lecturing around the country, he resides in Port-au-Prince and visits STTF occasionally.

Mr. Frislè Tiswa is the donor of the land where the three-room school was constructed in 1987. A large field next to the school is designated as the soccer field and is also used for other recreational and community activities. Mr. Tiswa serves as a liaison between the Fort-Royal community and the school. He also serves as the contact person for visitors to Sant Twa Ti Flè for those in and outside of Haiti.